RAAM - Realty Advisors and Asset Managers, Inc.
RAAM - Realty Advisors and Asset Managers, Inc.
RAAM Corporation – Los Angeles

The Smart Choice
for Commercial Real Estate

Los Angeles • New York

RAAM Corporation – New York

The Smart Choice
for Commercial Real Estate

Los Angeles • New York

RAAM | Realty Advisors and Asset Managers, Inc.


A Real Estate Consulting Firm Specializing in Asset Enhancement

Los Angeles based Realty Advisors and Asset Managers, Inc. (RAAM) was founded by Joseph Duerr. For over three decades, Mr. Duerr has been a principal in real estate development companies with extensive experience in the financial asset retention and construction process. He has focused on asset management, as well as corporate real estate consulting, for a number of major corporations. These real estate and asset management services include Needs Analysis, Site Selection, Comparative Analysis, Lease and Acquisition Negotiations, Bond Financing, Selection and Supervision of Design and Construction teams and the disposition of under-performing properties.


RAAM was founded to provide owners with a more effective way to manage real property assets and to, thereby, create maximum value. In years of dealing with a wide range of properties and their management, it became evident that a great many owners do not achieve maximum income from their assets. Consequently, when the owner decides to sell or refinance, the ultimate asset value of the property is diminished and reduces cash flow.

Only rarely does RAAM act directly in a property management capacity, instead, maintains an arms-length relationship which permits unbiased observation of the manager’s effectiveness. Since RAAM overviews a number of properties and their management entities, insight is gained that is not available to most property owners. Managers benefit with a higher performance level through regular evaluation, guidance and tighter scrutiny than is usual.

As their representative, RAAM insulates the owner from factors that often cause a loss of perspective. Timely and straightforward reports are provided and of major significance to the owner.


Realty Advisors and Asset Managers, Inc. (RAAM) was formed to provide real estate consultation, asset management and related property services to a range of private, professional and institutional clients. The RAAM concept is to provide our clients with the information required to realize the maximum asset value from their real estate decisions. Explore the many services RAAM Corp. can offer your company.
Abstract of Related Documents
Examination of Pre-Ownership Documents
Physical Deficiency Inspection

Property repositioning to generate maximum income. Scrutiny of all variable expenses for conformity within budget and statistical norms. Investigation and monitoring of vendor relationships. Challenging “fixed” expenses such as insurance, taxes, utilities etc. which in many instances, produces increased cash flows. A pro-active approach is taken to tenant relations. If there are vacancies, an action producing marketing plan is put in place.Without exception, RAAM is committed to return to the owner a multiple of its fee.

Acquisition / Disposition Analysis
Due Diligence Analysis
Strategic Asset Overview
Pre-Purchase Analysis and Valuation
Asset Re-Use Analysis
Transaction Structuring
Portfolio Evaluation and Overview
Valuation Consulting
To implement the steps necessary to achieve our client’s investment goals, RAAM maintains an objective point of view by employing qualified professional firms. Very stringent (but fair) standards and guidelines are established and, as a result of intense scrutiny, extraordinary performance is achieved.
Structuring Joint Ventures
Developer Proposal Evaluation
Ground Lease Structuring
Negotiation and Representation

Structuring and negotiation of sale, purchase and lease transactions; and current leased occupancy cost comparison to net effective market prices and space use efficiency analysis. Competitive proposals are elicited from owners and developers which are analyzed and compared to client criteria. RAAM recommends sources of grants and real estate financing, assists in arranging sales or lease backs and can provide joint venture partners. RAAM will initiate all documentation required and handle negotiations.

Site Selection
Market Analysis
Financial Feasibility Analysis
Business Plan Implementation
Project Management

Each project is unique in its requirements for initial site assessments through final structuring, negotiation and continued asset overview. RAAM will assist evaluating site-specific feasibility, market analysis, entitlement processes, establishment of site values, and business objectives in order to provide marketing strategies while identifying elements of particular sensitivity.

Oversight of Improvements, Renovations or Build-outs
Coordination of Move Logistics

All opportunities within the selected market area are identified and categorized. Existing or planned buildings and build-to-suit opportunities are investigated and are analyzed for appearance and construction quality, space efficiencies, security, strength of developer and timing. Economic feasibility studies are provided with financial implications of a lease or purchase alternative.

Employee demographics are analyzed and all suitable market areas within a pre-determined radius are identified. Factors evaluated include transportation: driving times, freeway access, public transportation, airports, major highways; hotels, housing, labor availability, customer base, support services, image, reputation and outlook of all the areas. Governmental attitudes and environmental issues that may concern a particular area are also evaluated.

Strategic Asset Overview
Pre-Purchase Analysis and Valuation
Corporate Consulting / Facilities Audit
Relocation or Expansion
Disposition of Excess Space or Properties
Transaction Negotiation and Representation

The inventory includes a list of all land and buildings owned or leased, current use of each property, description of each property and potential alternative uses (if applicable). Property repositioning to generate maximum income. We assist in the lease or purchase documentation process, dispose of surplus property, interview and negotiate contracts for consultants in tenant improvement construction, telecommunications, moving firms or other required services.

Effective Space Utilization
Growth Projections
Identify Alternative Properties
Evaluate Market Options
Comparative Lease Analysis
Identify Lease Terms
Design, Pricing and Build-Out of Office Layout

Projected occupancy costs are comparatively analyzed in order to determine an appropriate strategy. Sales, leasebacks, leasing or acquisition alternatives are all evaluated to determine the best solution in consideration of each clients budget parameters and long-range plans.

Code Compliance
Financial Planning
Acquisition & Disposition Analysis
24/7 Emergency Coverage
Municipal Filings
Maintenance Supervision
Union Relations
Accounting & Reporting
Budget & Variance Analysis
Cash Management
Construction Project Management

Facilities audits are conducted of both leased and owned facilities tin order to provide management with an accurate assessment of current real estate economics. A clear understanding of strategic steps necessary to achieve desired goals and plan appropriately to implement those measures.

The RAAM Executive Team

Chief Executive Officer and President
Christopher Duerr
Vice President
Certified Commercial Investment Member
R. Higashi, CPA
Vice President
Mark Gavin
Senior Account Real Estate Analyst
Bruce Cooper
Senior Account Financial Analyst


RAAM | Realty Advisors and Asset Managers, Inc. - Clients
RAAM | Realty Advisors and Asset Managers, Inc. - Clients
RAAM | Realty Advisors and Asset Managers, Inc. - Clients
RAAM | Realty Advisors and Asset Managers, Inc. - Clients
RAAM | Realty Advisors and Asset Managers, Inc. - Clients

Our Valued Clients

BANKING / FINANCIAL: Banco Nazionale del Lavaro • Bank of California • Bank of America • Bullion & Forex • Central Bank • Citicorp • Columbia Savings & Loan • Downey Savings • First Boston • First Los Angeles Bank • First Interstate Bank • First Bank of L.A. • U.S. Bank • Wells Fargo • Western Commerce Bank • CBS Credit Union • G.S. Bullion & Forex • Mortgage Pacifica International • Pacific Coast Regional • PMI Financial • Primamerica • Realty Investments • The Signature Group • Western Trading Corp.
GENERAL / CORPORATE: Accelerated Computer Training • Southern California Title • American Medical International • Amgen, Inc. • ANCO Engineering • Avery Dennison • Draper Consulting Group • Encino Hospital • Gardena Hospital • Guardian Products • Healthtrust, Inc. • Hitech Systems, Inc. • Hoag Enterprises • Intellecom, Inc. • J.H. Snyder • J.M.B. • Kalman Communications • Lane Ltd. • M.M.P. Quality Inspections • Martin Office Supplies • Michael C.F. Chan & Associates • Nakatomi and Associates • National Medical Enterprises Retix • Corporation • North American Title • Pac Tel Teletrac • Peck Jones Inc. • Ritts Corporation • Shuwa (California) • Specialized Systems, Inc. • Sunrise Medical • Tishman Construction • Tishman West • Westside Cellular
ACCOUNTING: Singer & Company • Jerry Solomon, CPA • Kenneth Leventhal • Massie & Associates • Reinschreiber, Rosen & Blikin • Roth, Bookstein & Zaslow
ENTERTAINMENT / MEDIA: Arkoff Productions • Bonair Films • CBS Studio • Diamandas Communications • Film Star, Inc. • DreamWorks • Hearst Magazines • Imagine Films • Ingels Incorporated • Levine/Schneider Public Relations • Executive Service Corps • P.M.K. • Robert McKim Advertising • Sandusky Radio • Stars To Go • Ten Four Productions • Tri-Crown Productions • Tri-Star • Weintraub Entertainment • Western States Associates • Yeah Studios
INSURANCE: A.L. Williams • Allstate Insurance • Cigna Health Plan • Don Hamilton • Executive Life • Guy Carpenter • Henry Ward Johnson & Company • Metropolitan Life • Republic Hogg Robinson
ENTERTAINMENT / MEDIA: CHA • Gruen & Associates • Meek/Miller & Associates • Rochlin, Baran & Balbona • Sonnenleiter & Associates • UGI • Widom, Wien, Cohen
LAW FIRMS: Alpern, Langer & Greenwald • Atkins, Evans & Widener • Barger & Wolen • Buchalter, Nemer, Fields & Younger • Bush, Koppel & Schweizer • Cajun & Gross • DeBlanc & Alexander • George D. Kieffer, Attorney • Ingels Incorporated • Iverson, Yaokum, Papiano & Hatch • Jackson, Lewis, Schnitzer & Krupman • Kinkle, Rodiger & Spriggs • Mally, Yolsky & Scott • McConnell, Cramoline & McDermott • Miller & Daar • O’Neil & Lysaght • Ochoa & Sillas • Ross & Ivanjac • Sun, Louie & Heaman • Walchuer & Scheuer • Wilson, Becks & Pyfrom


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